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Chinese Magnolia: the medical properties and application
Therapeutic properties and use of schisandra in Chinese folk medicine Greetings, dear readers of a medical blog " Recipes of traditional medicine ". Today we talk about the healing properties…

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Polyps of the rectum: treatment of folk remedies

Folk treatment of polyps of the rectum is most often carried out through the use of healing mixtures, tinctures, decoctions and enemas. If the neoplasm has small sizes and they revealed no presence of cancer cells, the probability of success of home therapy is quite large. However, such activities must have prior approval of the proctologist and systematic medical control over the health of the patient.

Effective popular recipes against polyps

If you are diagnosed with polyps of the rectum, treatment of folk remedies may include oral health special mixtures, infusions and decoctions:

Mix 200 g of honey 200 g of minced horseradish. Soak for three days in a dark place and take 1 teaspoon three times a day, half an hour before meals.

Pour 3 tablespoons of viburnum berries 300 ml of boiling water. Leave for half an hour; strain and take one third of a Cup 30 minutes before meals, morning, afternoon and evening.

Boil seven eggs; RUB the yolks and mix them with 6 tablespoons of crushed pumpkin seeds. Add two cups of vegetable oil. Leave the mixture on low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. When the tool has cooled, put it in a jar and place in the fridge.Take 1 tsp every morning for five days. Then make a five-day break and repeat the course. Use this treatment up to the moment the agent ends.

Mix 20 g of propolis with 200 g of butter. Take on an empty stomach three times a day, adding 1 tsp. of the mixture in a glass of hot milk.

Treatment colorectal polyps celandine

In the suppression of benign intestinal tumors is well established juice (or decoction) of celandine, a plant famous for its complex healing properties. Folk treatment of polyps of the rectum consists in this case in the use of enemas on the basis of this healthy ingredient. Three hours prior to the procedure the patient should do a simple cleansing enema.

Take a small bunch of fresh celandine; rinse thoroughly and chop.

Squeeze the juice of a plant (per enema you will need 1 tsp)

Stir the remedy into 1 liter of warm boiled water.

Enter a solution into the rectum using a mug Esmarch and hold on for half an hour.

The procedure is recommended daily for two weeks. Then the quantity of the juice of celandine is doubled, and the course is repeated. If necessary, the treatment of the disease can continue, making the two-week vacation and Wellness applying enemas for 15 days.

Polyps of the colon