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Abdominal decompression

Abdominal decompression-lowering of the external pressure generated in the abdomen,which is placed in thermocamera local actions is provided at the entrance sealing device and a device for pumping air.

For the procedure the lower part of the patient’s body(breast) is placed in thermocamera and sealed.Procedure parameters are set by computer and supported.Therapeutic effect is provided by pulses of negative air pressure(below atmospheric pressure) in the abdomen and pelvis at the same time with pressure on lower limbs

What effects occur during this procedure?

I must say that these effects are such that the main application of the method of abdominal decompression is obstetrics.

So,when abdominal decompression:

– increases the number of blood vessels in the placenta from the fetus

– increase oxidation-reduction processes in the placenta

-enhanced the growth and development of the embryo throughout embryogenesis

– uluchshaet the blood supply of the uterus,both by increasing the flow velocity in the great vessels, and by reducing the tone of the medium and small blood vessels.

-improves blood circulation in the kidneys and other organochloro of the pelvis and abdomen

Good effects,right?

However, it is still unclear how the pathology of pregnancy this method is applicable. Well, let’s discuss it.

What challenges women face during pregnancy?

Here they are:


Simply put,preeclampsia need to think,when a woman has swelling and it is too quickly gaining weight.

-Fetal hypoxia, delay of fetal development


-Inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages.

-Antenatal death of the fetus

So what are the immediate effects of abdominal decompression(AD) will allow to cope with this disease?

1.HELL,used in preeclampsia leads to decreased blood pressure, improves blood rheology, increases uteroplacental and renal blood flow, increases urine output(and, hence, removes puffiness),as well as increases blood flow of the uterus is 60-80%

2. HELL has a positive effect on improving the adaptive capacity of the fetus, and therefore has a positive effect in hypoxia of the fetus, the developmental delays of the fetus

3.If there is a miscarriage, the threat of antenatal fetal death(abortion)-AD will help here, as observed: cessation of pain, normalization of tone of the uterus, it disappears irritability.Also reduced congestion in the maternal and fetal circulatory channels,normal food placental tissue

So,to sum up. If You during pregnancy is observed:


-the threat of termination of pregnancy,

-developmental delay or fetal hypoxia,

it makes sense to ask your obstetrician-gynecologist to prescribe abdominal decompression