Chinese Magnolia: the medical properties and application
Therapeutic properties and use of schisandra in Chinese folk medicine Greetings, dear readers of a medical blog " Recipes of traditional medicine ". Today we talk about the healing properties…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants in the area and in Krasnoyarsk; the cultivation of medicinal plants in the area and in Krasnoyarsk
Extended information: Almost all human diseases are treated using medicinal plants, and environmentally friendly, with success can be grown on the land, and many of us in the apartment. Offer,…

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Traditional recipes of beauty

The modern pace of life, spending our time and energy, makes more difficult the maintenance of mental and physical balance women. To exclude from the life of a stressful situation is unrealistic.

The stressors varied: any even positive life changes, any strong emotion, fatigue, noise, sudden changes in temperature – you name it. Stressors negatively affect the condition of our skin, steadily approaching the impending old age. To maintain and preserve the good condition of the skin will help folk recipes of beauty. And, of course, the easiest way to pamper your skin recipe with available seasonal ingredients. So, what natural remedies may be used in the summer? We picked up a few homemade recipes for masks, scrubs and lotions for your skin type.

For normal skin. Cottage cheese and strawberry mask. Mixed berries of strawberries, or strawberries with cottage cheese in a ratio of 1:2. A lot to put on poisonou the skin. Let stand 10 minutes, rinse with cool water. Certainly lubricate the face cream.

For dry skin: two-level mask made of strawberries, or strawberries. Mash the berries, put cream (1 tbsp), sunflower oil (1 tsp). Apply the mixture on first poisonou face and neck. As soon as I layer will start to dry up, apply II. Wash off the mask with warm water.

The lotion is fake. Fresh Linden flowers(10 tbsp) stir in first mixture prepared from Drakkar Noir (4 tbsp) cucumber juice (6 tbsp), water (5 tbsp). Mass pour into the container of black glass, tightly cover, leave for a day in yellow protected from light. Strained infusion to wipe the face morning and evening.

Sweet lotion. Put in a container with a liter of boiled cooled water the petals of the pink roses (4 tbsp) sprinkle of sugar (200 gr.). C/o 2 hours to mix and filter. Keep only in the fridge. To use sweet tonic lotion better before going to sleep, do not rinse.

For oily skin: Sorrel three-tiered mask. Wipe 10 sorrel leaves into mush, put egg white. Apply to the face mask and when dry, apply the second layer, repeat. C/o a quarter of an hour to remove the mask cloth soaked in weak tea, wash your face with warm water.

Lotion of elder flowers. Preparing the infusion – based lotion. The leaves of hazelnut (3 tbsp) and elder flowers (3 tbsp) pour 2 cups of boiling water. To stand on the steam bath for 20 min Decoction cool, filter. Further, rose water (4 tbsp) mixed with boric acid (1 tsp). The resulting solution was pour in the infusion and mix. Ready to pour the lotion into a bottle of black glass, tightly cover the lid. C/o day lotion is ready for use. Keep in a cool dark place. Wipe the face in the morning or in the evening.

For mixed skin type or combination: a Nourishing mask. Small to cut, wipe the slurry dandelion leaves (4 to 5 pieces.). Mix with low-fat cottage cheese (2 tbsp). To stand 20 minutes after removing the wet cloth and RUB the face with sour milk.