Healing balm Golden star
A few years ago, in pharmacies of our city appeared Vietnamese medical preparation for external use — balsam "Golden star". Unusual names, bright packaging, accessibility, full warranty from any unwanted…

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Assessment of prospects for cultivation of medicinal plants.
Despite the fact that agricultural cultivation of medicinal herbs has more than a half century history, among supporters gathering wild herbs and agricultural supporters of this method of cultivation does…

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Thai medicine, traditional medicine of Thailand

Wise Thai medicine: the principle of integrated action

Medical practice of Thailand is based on the idea that health and beauty is inherent in every person from birth. Only life itself with its many stress, improper nutrition, as well as harmful conditions in the environment causes damage of the original wealth of man. Due to this isnamespace drugs offered by Thai medicine are not symptomatic, and a complex action. They are intended to contribute to the functioning and health of the organism as a whole, even if indications for use are called disorders of an organ or, say, the circulatory system. That’s why many of the tools are equally well suited to deal with different ailments.

The awesomeness of the useful properties of these medications increases because of the complete lack of chemistry, all natural ingredients: herbs and their extracts, fruit juices, powders and other natural ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals. Pure formula provides the products of Thai traditional medicine affordable price and positive reviews.

Why Thai traditional medicine has become a certified

Because Thais greater emphasis is placed on prevention of illness and recovery is inherent in the birth of forces, it becomes clear how useful was developed by aboriginal drugs of natural origin. Modern traditional medicine of Thailand is highly appreciated by the residents of different countries. She childrenii the monastic recipes, and meet the pharmacological requirements. In the Kingdom passed a law that protects the knowledge of the temple of medicine, so all drugs are made according to ancient prescriptions of monks, from compulsory certification.

Effective drugs today became possible to buy without a trip to their country of origin at a relatively low price. Thus, useful properties of balms, creams, ointments, oils, tinctures, drinks, teas, hitokage and other natural medicines available to everyone, and the effect of drugs is reflected in many reviews. Thai products suggest different ways they can be used, so you can buy this product, means to get the maximum effect. Before applying it is important to read the instructions to the beneficial components of drugs in the most successfully conveyed the beneficial properties of the relevant organ systems and the organism as a whole.