Julia PAL - instructor of the Delhi pranic healing Foundation
Julia Pahl, a native of St. Petersburg, lives in India since 1988 with her husband and daughter. With pranic healing Master Choa Kok Sui, she met by chance in March…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants in the area and in Krasnoyarsk; the cultivation of medicinal plants in the area and in Krasnoyarsk
Extended information: Almost all human diseases are treated using medicinal plants, and environmentally friendly, with success can be grown on the land, and many of us in the apartment. Offer,…

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In celebration of international women’s day, girls should be particularly beautiful. So for you, dear employee of the police, we have prepared a few tips. I hope that they will help you to look wonderful, despite the difficult job that requires a lot of strength and impact.

To your skin was young and had a beautiful color, in the morning, for the face you need to take a contrast shower: alternate the washing with cold and slightly hot water.

One of the most ancient tools for maintaining health and beauty is honey. Honey contains many vitamins and possess useful properties, so in common it is called the food of the Gods and the elixir of life. One spoon of honey in the morning is useful for the body and helps to maintain the immune system, and honey facial mask give the skin elasticity, cleanse the pores of toxins, nourishes the skin with vitamins.

For procedures with problem oily skin one of the best remedies is the lemon. Lemon has an antibacterial effect, and vitamin C nourishes the skin and improves the complexion. For normal to dry skin is better to use a mask of lemon with honey. You need ten drops of lemon mixed with a teaspoon of honey until smooth, apply on face this mask for twenty to thirty minutes.

The expression on your face was always clean, you need to make a steam bath at least once a week. You will need the herb chamomile and celandine. All this can be bought at the pharmacy. It is recommended to bolleyball pour three cups of water and bring to a boil. Then add boiling water to the herb chamomile (or four bags, or a few tablespoons of loose herb) and a few teaspoons of finely crushed herb celandine and cook for ten minutes until the broth will take the dark color. Then steaming the face over it with broth. You can also wipe the skin with ice with this decoction. Both these herbs have antibacterial and wound-healing effect and are used for various cosmetics.

Against flu will help decoction of flowers of lime blossom. Linden flowers, they are used to remove bacteria and germs and therefore, this decoction is indispensable for colds and flu.

Regular consumption of Linden tea rejuvenates the body, makes the skin and blood vessels more elastic, strengthens the heart. To preserve youthful skin should wash lime broth and RUB it with ice decoction of lime color.