Treatment of folk remedies can cause harm to the body?
As I understand it,the question of whether to harm MEDICINAL folk remedies that offer not doctors,and people who engage in treatment without medical education ?If so,then first understand what it…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants in the area and in Krasnoyarsk; the cultivation of medicinal plants in the area and in Krasnoyarsk
Extended information: Almost all human diseases are treated using medicinal plants, and environmentally friendly, with success can be grown on the land, and many of us in the apartment. Offer,…

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Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is part of alternative medicine which includes knowledge about diseases, methods and means of healing that are passed among the people from generation to generation.

Good health is the basis for a long, happy and fulfilling life. To help the patient to improve their health, healthy – to stay in excellent physical condition, the elderly – to remain alert and, if possible, to get rid of senile diseases, parents to raise strong and happy children will help folk medicine.

Folk medicine has always been closely connected with the history and spiritual traditions of the people. In Russia recovery methods offered by traditional medicine, practiced even before the adoption of Christianity. Folk medicine has long been the only possibility of healing in areas where the population lacks permanent and skilled medical services. Basic and then traditional medicine will help to choose the optimal method of recovery from a disease that struck the man.

Currently, traditional medicine is surrounded by a strongly growing interest. Doctors all over the world, along with drug and other modern methods of healing, paying more attention to methods that promotes traditional medicine. However, you should always remember that narodnenovine and traditional, can be dangerous and you should be careful to use both natural and chemical means. Only a doctor who knows what medicine in practice, may appoint a recovery. If due to circumstances you are forced to use their own recipes, which offers traditional medicine – mobilize all his experience, common sense and intuition. The belief that traditional medicine has written to you on the right path to recovery that will lead to success will help even the most hopeless cases.

Modern, traditional medicine offers people in need the wisdom of the ages. Recovery is always the art. Those who collect medicinal plants, can innocently collect is not what is shown in the recommendation of the recipe that gives traditional medicine. Unfortunately, many of the issues associated with the process of creation of medicines are extensively explored in the literature, and some knowledge is completely lost.

Fitomagazin “Health from nature” offers quality natural products that are properly assembled and treated, and requires medicine. After receiving the doctor’s instructions, you can order the product here, just knowing that it is a high quality and prepared properly for methods of improvement offered by traditional medicine.

Folk medicine, recipes treatment of folk remedies
Despite the rapid development of official medicine, of knowledge about the healing properties of herbs, fruits and other gifts that nature gives us, give the ability to heal or alleviate…


Alternative medicine
Is it right to classify osteopathy complementary and alternative medicine . Not quite. This direction arose in the nineteenth century, while in Russia, indeed, was officially recognized only in 2003.…

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