Shamans ancient and modern
Flights transpersonal, holotropic breathwork Now we will seriously deal with the shamans, and you need to remove the shroud of mystery to be able to soberly consider some very important…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants in the area and in Krasnoyarsk; the cultivation of medicinal plants in the area and in Krasnoyarsk
Extended information: Almost all human diseases are treated using medicinal plants, and environmentally friendly, with success can be grown on the land, and many of us in the apartment. Offer,…

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Alternative medicine in Belarus is rapidly gaining market

Methods of traditional Chinese medicine has long been known for its efficiency, despite the lack of full justification by the official medicine.

In recent years, Eastern medical techniques tend to patients in the sanatorium Belarus. In such health resorts as “riverlands”, “radon”, “Pine forest” and many others are already working in this direction doctors, passed special training in China. The most common non-traditional therapies include: classical acupuncture, microcurrent reflexotherapy. electropuncture.

The development of non-traditional methods of treatment of disease began to attract tourists from Russia and Israel, who are noted for high level professionals and reasonable prices for these medical services.

The management of medical institutions of Belarus have long recognized that the methods of traditional Oriental medicine are among the most promising and rapidly developing areas in the industry. After nearly 50 years they prove their therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of various diseases in the country.

A new impetus to the popularization of Oriental medicine gave a quickly developing ties with Vietnam and China. Belarusian doctors are two – and three-month training courses in China and Vietnam, studying the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine in the best hospitals and research and issledovatelskaya these countries.

Opened a branch of traditional Chinese medicine and the Republican center of medical rehabilitation and balneotherapy. Here the therapy methods of acupuncture, Chinese gymnastics tai Chi Chuan, laser puncture, su Jok, Oriental massage. The development of Eastern Chinese medicine in Belarus have allowed to improve the already great number of citizens of the country.

Free medicine, a high level of training, comfortable house comfortable, modern equipment. It’s not a picture of the results of building a developed.