Prostatitis. The latest European technology physiotherapy of prostatitis. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. The main reason for its development – is getting into the hardware of the…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants
The demand for medicinal raw materials is constantly increasing. This cannot fail to affect the stocks of the plants represented in the composition of natural flora. The disappearance of some…

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The ability of animals to feel distress and to treat

Animals and their unique abilities are astounding, that’s at least the ability of animals to feel distress and to treat . Has long been observed that animals, being close to home, or directly in the house, feeling impending disaster, and the healing abilities of animals are already undeniable.

Once, soundly sleeping Chinese. living in the city of Fuling, woke the cat screaming. Cat. who lived with him. like having got enraged, he ran around the room, scratching the door and walls…

Thanks to the strange behavior of a cat and drew the attention of the man on the cracks in the wall, which expanded rapidly. Seizing the kitten in his arms, the owner left the house that the hour has collapsed.

That’s where the animals have a similar instinct, which affects many people. According to scientists, cats and dogs feel the effort of dwelling structures, and an example is the cloth who is under severe tension to which the man is looking and which soon breaks is a person too feels — the ability of animals to feel distress and to treat .

That’s why the first let into the home kitty. what would she have determined the safety of the construction! By the way, not only the fit tend to feel the approaching earthquake, hurricane and other natural disasters, it’s characteristic of dogs. and goats and horses… the tension in the feel and nature of the termites with ants.

By the way, thanks to this sposobnostyami tend to eat wooden structures, furniture, without affecting the load-bearing fibers. And it is this structure, or table, completely eaten by termites, and is not falling!

During the war radar was used to monitor the sky, in order to prevent a sudden RAID by Nazi planes. It was everywhere and on the territory of the Union and allied countries. However, the people of England suddenly realised that the best sense of the enemy aircraft have no radar, and the females — the ability of animals to feel distress and be treated !

They began to worry twenty minutes before RAID sirens and inclusion – thanks to the unusual ability of premonition of trouble, it saved many lives.

In honor of this established in England a special award to the cat with the words “They served the country” and got the award seals. saved people. It turns out cats have procopia – a premonition of the future… However, this is the concern of scientists to find out how and what…

I want to tell you an interesting story about the rescue one little girl from cancer. And did this dog. she had bought her parents.

This story was printed in many editions, including in a Medical journal that I read — the ability of animals to feel distress and to treat . But more on that in a new article… More…