Physical therapy in St. Petersburg
Physiotherapy treatment at our clinic takes place with a personal touch Physical therapy – treatment using different types of physical effects – there are from ancient times. Rubbing the sore…

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Julia PAL - instructor of the Delhi pranic healing Foundation
Julia Pahl, a native of St. Petersburg, lives in India since 1988 with her husband and daughter. With pranic healing Master Choa Kok Sui, she met by chance in March…

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Treatment of folk remedies can cause harm to the body?

As I understand it,the question of whether to harm MEDICINAL folk remedies that offer not doctors,and people who engage in treatment without medical education ?If so,then first understand what it is folk medicines.Include ALL herbal and natural remedies to this group incorrectly.Folk remedies are only those funds that are not studied in scientific medicine but used to treat .The doctor will never use(or recommend) an UNTESTED drug.But this does not mean that folk remedies need to declare “enemy of the people” and to prohibit their use.These tools need to learn ,and it’s done.In 1976, when the who (world health organization established a working group and its activities are focused on the study of traditional medicine).

Therefore, I am convinced that unexplored folk remedy MAY cause harm ,and considerable.In my practice there were such cases.Can you give an example.The person with liver problems have become dramatically worse,the disease worsened .The reason was “treatment” of vegetable oil on an empty stomach (upon the recommendation of the “healer”)Vegetable oil on an empty stomach, well not linked with liver problems.In another case, a cancer treated aviation kerosene than usugubliaetsia patient.(Kerosene and folk remedies can not be attributed,in the 19th century)was the precedent and the treatment of fungi causing harm.

But the treatment studied composition folk remedies benefits and a huge helping of traditional medicine to cope with the disease.This approach is called COMPLENTARY treatment.Traditional + folk medicine.Decoction of herbs to cure some diseases of the stomach,bring the sand from the kidneys,to normalize the nervous system,fight insomnia, etc.

In addition to medicines in folk medicine there are other methods of treatment It plots the treatment of shamans and magical rites.They do not cause harm ,but can sometimes help,especially the “suggestible” patients.Mental attitude also helps to cope with certain diseases.

Based on this, I am convinced ,folk medicine and remedies can help in the right hands,but can also hurt if the treatments involve non-medical people.So the simple answer to Your question is no.