Physical THERAPY - Clinical medical surgical center
The main objective of the Department of physical therapy and physical therapy is an active rehabilitation of the patients who underwent complex treatment in trauma, surgical and therapeutic departments of…

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Traditional medicine
Traditional medicine is part of alternative medicine which includes knowledge about diseases, methods and means of healing that are passed among the people from generation to generation. Good health is…

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Healing balm Golden star

A few years ago, in pharmacies of our city appeared Vietnamese medical preparation for external use — balsam “Golden star”. Unusual names, bright packaging, accessibility, full warranty from any unwanted side effects when it is used — all this served him good publicity. And it is not surprising that almost every home medicine Cabinet, it was then to see two or three round metal boxes with fragrant baseliners Noi ointment. However, the popularity of the “Gold star” was short-lived. Not getting the expected result, many have lost faith in its curative values.

What in – fact is the reason for the weak effectiveness of the balm? A lack of information about its properties and the inability to use them correctly. Annexed to each package a brief abstract required detailed interpretation. But, unfortunately, neither doctors nor pharmacists have not shown adequate interest in the new drug. V. this may be explained by the occurrence of various medicines, synthesized chemically, and pushed away (and, I must say, unfairly) to the background drugs of plant origin. A “gold star” plant-based. Meanwhile in Vietnam balm’ “gold star” has long been recognized as a very effective remedy for many ailments and is used widely.

If you take srednyuyu its use, you will have 3-5 packs. A year on the person. The balm contains essential oils of camphor Laurel, lilac clove, ‘field mint essential oil and some other tropical plants. Basic chemical components of essential oils, such as camphor,eugenol, caryophylene, methylmercaptan, Metron, menthol, pinene, methyl acetate, and others, have irritating, antiseptic, analgesic, local vasodilating effect, i.e., a whole set of valuable pharmacological properties, making the “Golden race” is a means of relaxing, resolving, soothing, anti-inflammatory.

1 — flu; 2: angina; 3 -headache; 4 — pain in the ear; 5 — rhinitis; 6 — pain in the maxillary cavity, frontal sinus; 7 — pain in the facial nerve; 8 — toothache; 9 — pain in the plait-identifying key joint; 10 — pain in the elbow joint; 11 — a pain, spastic nature in the abdomen; 12 — pain in the region of the heart) 13 — the pain is in the focus of local inflammation; 14 — itchy fungal diseases and chronic dermatitis; 15 — sciatica; 16. the pain in the knee