Traditional recipes of beauty, time-tested
If you have dry and pale lips massage them with your finger or a soft toothbrush. Then apply a liberal coat of warm honey. After 15-20 minutes rinse with honey…

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Alternative medicine
Therapeutic programs: Clinic of the Siberian state medical University are pleased to offer You modern and efficient methods of alternative medicine: Reflexology Reflexology is a technique of physical effects on…

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Zootherapy, or how we treat animals

Pets give us love and affection, cheer up, help to become kinder and even make you smile. Those animals that live in our homes, apartments or in a specially equipped places for people is a good antidepressant and Pets. Our carers are able to deliver us from various diseases, and has long been recognized by these healers.

Method of treatment of animals is practiced in various European countries and included in the list of official medicine. In animals it turns out to cope even with those maladies that conventional medicine cannot do. But, the treatment will be allowed only if complete and effective if the animal and people to each other mounted on a spiritual level contact, or rather, liked each other.

How we treat animals and what Pets need to pick up for the treatment of other diseases?

These cute “murlyka” is able not only to deliver us from stress, cure insomnia, but also to lighten the mood. These funny animals have their purpose universal healer, it can reduce pressure, relieve cardiac pain, diseases of the nervous system, from the unpleasant manifestations of osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis and sciatica. Effective treatment cats would be the case if your pet will find pain and nachnetsya your positive energy.

Her sweet purr they know how to produce a relaxing effect, but a healing effect under their monotonous “music” for your body guaranteed. And those children who are from the very young age living in the house where there are cats less prone to allergic reactions.

These Pets can make their owner more sociable, eliminate inferiority complex and perfectly reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels. The dog in the house – always a good defender of the property of the owner and his nervous system. Dogs can cure of neuroses, mental disorders and even autism. As for breeds dogs to cure diseases, they can be different, as long as pet was mentally stable and do not suffer aggression.

These Pets give you a great chance of treatment with horse riding. This ride is one of the practice of physical therapy can prevent mental illness and nervous exhaustion. Hippotherapy (horse riding) became recently very popular and beneficial activity for health. Interaction with horses gives you the opportunity to get rid of mental strain, scoliosis and bone diseases.