Properties of fennel Seeds
How often are you on the way there are large fragrant umbrellas that sway gently on its smooth stems? And what a wonderful smell they spread, bringing us scents of…

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Known powerful healers from alcoholism
It is necessary not only to deputies to understand about the harm of alcoholic beverages to society and estimates of the prevalence of known powerful healer of alcoholism 115,3 cases…

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Folk medicine, recipes treatment of folk remedies

Despite the rapid development of official medicine, of knowledge about the healing properties of herbs, fruits and other gifts that nature gives us, give the ability to heal or alleviate the course of diseases without chemical drugs, the treatment of which is often accompanied by a lot of side effects. All that is recommended for treatment of traditional medicine – recipes for teas, lotions, tinctures, contains only natural products.

The healing properties of plants were known in ancient times: geranium, walnut, aloe in folk medicine used in Ancient Greece and China. Unique recipes passed down from generation to generation, accumulating in a very precious treasure. And today is the effective treatment of liver folk remedies and other diseases of internal organs. Folk cures, preserved to our days wonderful recipes that help treat thrush. there is the possibility to easily defeat colds and to stop the development of cancer cells.

For some reason the methods that many centuries treated with medicine men and woman, our contemporaries called alternative medicine, even though traditional recipes are part of the tradition and the basis for many medicines for medical treatment.

A huge number of people suffering from weight diseases, trying to normalize the functioning of his nervous system, gastrointestinal tract,get rid of skin diseases, defeat eczema and dandruff. folk remedies provide the opportunity not only to relieve unpleasant symptoms, but also enable the organism to “learn” to fight these ailments.

Folk medicine not only proved to be centuries-old existence, thanks to successful treatment, no chemical compounds, harmful to the body. In many cases, when drug treatments were already powerless, folk recipes were cured completely from the disease. Even considered incurable of eye diseases such as cataract and glaucoma. folk remedies give a very high effect: after using herbal infusions and lotions brings relief of symptoms and improvement of the patient.

However, the use of traditional methods of treatment should still be carried out under medical supervision. Not all-powerful traditional medicine – recipes of traditional healers can reduce pain symptoms, slow the disease, but in some cases the person needs urgent medical treatment exactly.

About the benefits of traditional medicine