Abdominal decompression Abdominal decompression-lowering of the external pressure generated in the abdomen,which is placed in thermocamera local actions is provided at the entrance sealing device and a device for pumping…

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Thai medicine, traditional medicine of Thailand
Wise Thai medicine: the principle of integrated action Medical practice of Thailand is based on the idea that health and beauty is inherent in every person from birth. Only life…

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Cosmetics of ancient Egypt – a cure for eye diseases

It seems that the legendary Nefertiti and other government officials of ancient Egypt, considered to be of became the founders of so much spectacular eye makeup, used makeup not only to emphasize their beauty. Researchers from France suggest that such an unusual eye make-up was also used to fight infections that could get into your eyes.

The Amateur Christian, Philippe Walter and colleagues argue that thousands of years ago the ancient Egyptians used substances on the basis of lead as a cosmetic, including to create the effect, which is now called “smoky eyes”. Some Egyptians believed that this makeup also had the magical power of the ancient gods of the Mountains and RA were supposed to protect the holders of such makeup. However, modern scholars have long been denied such a belief, because the substances on the basis of lead can be very toxic. Previously, scientists analyzed 52 samples from containers of Egyptian makeup, which are in the Louvre, Paris. Scientists have discovered four different types of substances make lead-based. During the research it was found that these substances increased the production of nitric oxide up to 240% in human skin cells.

Modern scientists believe nitric oxide is a key agent-signaling in the body.Its functions include stimulation of the immune system, making the body better fights the diseases. Eye infections resulting from bacteria, can be a serious problem in tropical marshy areas, as the risk of Contracting a variety of infections occurs even when water drops hit in the eye. Thus, the ancient Egyptians, perhaps intentionally used the contents of cosmetics lead to treat or prevent eye infections. The researchers also claim that two of the found compounds not found in nature, and ancient Egyptian chemists specially synthesized them.

Current data shows that the eyes of the ancient Egyptians who applied this makeup for the eyes, were supposedly prone to immediate reactions to the pollution and eye contact of bacteria due to the spontaneous action of their own immune cells. Most likely, both producers and users of such cosmetics initially were not even aware about the positive effect of such makeup. However, the observation of better health and wellbeing media makeup for the eyes allowed the ancient Egyptians not only to preserve the tradition of this makeup, but to convey “old fashion” to the modern fashionistas.