Zootherapy, or how we treat animals
Pets give us love and affection, cheer up, help to become kinder and even make you smile. Those animals that live in our homes, apartments or in a specially equipped…

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SPA treatments in Vietnam
What each of us known Vietnam? We know something about him from the news, something seen in the movies, something I read somewhere... However, not everyone knows that in Vietnam…

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Alternative medicine

Therapeutic programs:

Clinic of the Siberian state medical University are pleased to offer You modern and efficient methods of alternative medicine:


Reflexology is a technique of physical effects on spot areas of the surface of the body (acupuncture points). Due to this influence there is an impulse that is transmitted to the corresponding nerve centers, and those in turn transmit the signal in the affected organ, activating the self-healing system

Reflexology is used to treat various severity of diseases ranging from back pain, migraines, digestive problems, stress and ending heart disease, hypertension. Among a variety of methods to most effectively impact needles.

An integrated approach helps to accelerate metabolism, activate the organs and systems associated with active points, improves resistance to stress, relieve pain, improve sleep.


This is the oldest method of treatment, which surprises with its effectiveness and breadth of application. Leeches are able to secrete enzymes that produce in the organism a unique complex of beneficial substances to the body, normalizing all body processes.

The secret of medicinal leeches has an effective impact and tends to accumulate in the body.

Biologically active substances contained in leech saliva, obladatelyami properties:



Resolves blood clots, scar tissue, infiltrates

Improve circulation

“Rejuvenate” the blood

Treatment with leeches natural, safe, proven hundreds of years method of healing many diseases!

The treatment is carried out on three-frequency ultrasonic multifunctional equipment, which combines the two methods of effect on problem skin areas: Chromotherapy and ultrasonic Cavitation.

Working in a complex, these two methods complement each other, achieving effective impact. Already after a short course of therapy improving the skin elasticity, its color, restores elasticity, reduces fatty deposits in localised areas.

Indications for procedures:

Hardware massage