Physical therapy in St. Petersburg
Physiotherapy treatment at our clinic takes place with a personal touch Physical therapy – treatment using different types of physical effects – there are from ancient times. Rubbing the sore…

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Pepper - a vegetable native to South America
The pepper belongs to the same nightshade family as the tomato . And he also came to us from South America. Already 6 thousand years ago it was cultivated by…

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Chia seeds, useful properties and applications

Chia seeds possess tonic, antioxidant, tonic effect.

Chia seeds are very popular with vegetarians, flour of toasted seeds is used in making nutritional drinks, and the seed oil is used for the manufacture of paints.

The content of a large amount of fiber in the Chia seeds to absorb the liquid in ten times its own weight, promotes healthy digestive system and removing constipation, better absorption of intestinal nutrients and normalize the microflora.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential for normal growth, development and functioning of our body, and the Chia seeds can fully cover this need. Also Chia seeds have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, eliminate the tendency to form blood clots and are recommended in diets.

Chia seeds help to strengthen the physical and General condition of the body, normalize electrolyte balance, cleanse the body of toxins.

The amino acid tryptophan promotes good mood and sound sleep, so Chia seeds can in small amounts be consumed before going to bed.

A large amount of calcium in Chia polozitelnye on the body, bone tissue and skin of the person.

Before using, usually, Chia seeds soaked in water or other liquid for ten minutes. When the seeds are mixed with water in the stomach, it gives a feeling of satiety and reduces the amount of food consumed, therefore, those who wish to eliminate excess weight you should add Chia seeds to your diet. Chia is suitable for almost all dishes: salads, soups, green smoothies, yogurts, fruit juices, sauces and fish.

Contraindications to use Chia seeds

Chia seeds are contraindicated if you suffer from low blood pressure, if you are hypersensitive. With caution should be consumed during pregnancy and lactation, when taking blood thinning drugs (e.g. aspirin).