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Treatment of folk remedies can cause harm to the body?
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Chinese Magnolia: the medical properties and application

Therapeutic properties and use of schisandra in Chinese folk medicine

Greetings, dear readers of a medical blog ” Recipes of traditional medicine “. Today we talk about the healing properties and use of schisandra chinensis in traditional medicine.

Chinese schisandra |Schizandra chinensis|Limonnikova

● Woody vine Chinese Magnolia vine reaches a length of up to 15 meters. The plant grows wild in the North-Eastern regions of China and the far East of the Russian Federation.

Oval leaves with pointed tip and petiolate with a length of 5-10 cm Flowers are five-petal concentrated hanging down in racemes.

The petals and sepals are pink. The fruit is a juicy berry team. Small amazing flowers schisandra chinensis emit a delicate aroma.

“Chinese Schizandra has a special place in folk medicine of China, in which a certain taste corresponds to certain important body: salty – kidneys, spicy – light, sweet – spleen, bitter – heart, acute – liver. For a comprehensive action plant is valued highly not only in Chinese medicine”.

Parts used and active ingredients of Chinese Magnolia vine.

● Fruits are harvested in autumn after ripening,and then put to dry. From dry fruits to produce powders, extracts and tinctures.

● In the fruit of Chinese Magnolia vine contains active substances derived lignans: disentery, schisandrin gomisins, and different .

Therapeutic properties and indications for use of Chinese Magnolia vine

● Well-known nutritionists and experts in the therapeutic feeding appreciate lignans and their derivatives in relation to the ability to provide a defensive response against malignant breast tumors. colon and prostate cancer.

In an ongoing large-scale study on interaction of active ingredients of Schizandra estrogen receptors and antifermentative and antioxidant activity.

● As lemongrass reduces oxidation of hepatic lipids, it is recommended for use as a hepatoprotector in liver disease. It protects tissues, muscles and cells. As an additional means lemongrass is used to reduce cholesterol in atherosclerosis. It also has a positive effect on the immune system. because it stimulates the activity of antioxidants.

Precautions for the use of Chinese Magnolia vine

● There is currently no information on the toxicity of preparations of Chinese Magnolia vine.

The use of schisandra in Chinese folk medicine

● High content of cholesterol in the blood, protect muscles and cells:

— to take in three divided doses for 3-9 grams powder of dried fruits;