Physical therapy in Moscow medical center in the Capital
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy is the treatment of natural and transformed natural factors, such as DC and pulsed currents, ultrasound, electric and magnetic fields, heat, light, water, and other physical features. A…

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The ability of animals to feel distress and to treat
Animals and their unique abilities are astounding, that's at least the ability of animals to feel distress and to treat . Has long been observed that animals, being close to…

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Alternative medicine

Is it right to classify osteopathy complementary and alternative medicine . Not quite. This direction arose in the nineteenth century, while in Russia, indeed, was officially recognized only in 2003.

The basic premise from which come healing by the appropriate methods experts, is that the body system is not only complex, but also a priori indivisible. Accordingly, to treat it comprehensively is much more effective than “piecemeal”.

The body, properly debugged and tuned, and debugged clock mechanism, works flawlessly. The doctor’s task is to debug this to hold. Another important point for the professionals of this area is the diagnostics and treatment using only one tool – their own sensitive hands. This is really while unusual, this is probably why the concept of “alternative medicine” osteopathy and applied.

Inside direction is allocated a number of narrower trends. In particular, this manual therapy osteopathic techniques (working primarily with musculoskeletal disorders), therapy visceral (internal organs) and – separately – therapy cranial (head). Sometimes separately isolated as gynecologists-osteopaths and even experts in beauty.

As is clear from the above list, contact Popilnianskyi institutions people with complaints of joint pain and back pain as well as disorders in the individual organs or systems (heart, gastrointestinal tract, lungs), migraines, vertigo or increases in intracranial pressure.

Work with children (including newborns) – posture correction or preventive, restorative procedures.

Treatment in any case is conducted without surgical intervention in the body. In addition, not using medication (which potentially could harm health). Healing takes time, but if the therapeutic effect is achieved, it is generally irreversible – risk of relapse is minimal. As you can see, the application of methods of direction, which is often referred to alternative medicine . gives positive results.