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Folk medicine in the treatment of migraine

Migraine attacks can lay in bed for a long time to unsettle. To cope with a painful headache help available recipes of traditional medicine.

A migraine is a attacks of painful headaches in one half of the head (hemicrania) or around the skull.

Pain syndrome should immediately, not much until my head hurts. To alleviate the first symptoms of migraine folk medicine (as well as traditional), offers to take a horizontal position, to relax, to dim the lights and remove all the annoying factors (light, noise).

It would be useful to ventilate the room or open the window.

First aid for migraine

If you feel the first signs of an upcoming migraine, you need to take action. Perhaps a strong attack can pass. Apply one of these methods.

Can help cold compresses on the head, rinsing the face with cold water or a cool foot bath. The compresses should not be ice cold, so as not to cause vasospasm.

Someone, on the contrary, help warm headbands and mustard baths for the feet – they reduce the blood pressure in the brain area. Sometimes help General warm baths with the addition of Valerian, mint or lemon balm.

Migraine can be applied to head cabbage leaves, pre-laminated with a rolling pin.

Monobright to the temples slices of lemon, to cover the hair with a warm towel with the seizure of the temples.

At the first sign of migraine, you need a head massage. Begin massage movements from the forehead, two hands, move hands to the neck.

Recipes of traditional medicine in the treatment of migraine

Migraine is very good freshly brewed green tea with Jasmine or lemon.

Folk medicine offers to reduce migraine juice fresh cranberry or currant juice, elderberry extract Siberian. The grass usually pour a glass of boiled water for about an hour. For better effect take the infusion with honey for about a third of a Cup twenty minutes before a meal.

Similarly, it is possible to brew an infusion of mint with oregano and fireweed or St. John’s wort, lemon balm, primrose, Valerian or yarrow, you can make tea with Linden flowers, the meadow and sage.

In order not to provoke migraine attacks and not to enhance them, you must give up Smoking and drinking alcohol.

You can use essential oils is in the region of the temples, neck or forehead RUB in with mint, rose or lavender oil. Effective effect is inhalation of vapors of ammonia and camphor alcohol, mixed in equal proportions.

Be applied in the area behind the ears cloth with sauerkraut, then tightly tie the head with a towel.

With fatigue and the occurrence of migraine the traditional healers recommend to eat the tail of the herring.

But if all these methods do you think are questionable or migraine has not helped you any prescription medicine should consult a neurologist and get traditional medical care.

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