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How to help a stroke: tips Chinese medicine

Stroke: tips Chinese medicine

How to reduce the effects

When a stroke occurs, the capillaries in the brain burst and is bleeding. Happen not only local (small) but also extensive breaks. This can affect large areas of the brain, leading to paralysis, memory loss, muscle activity and even dementia.

But wise people, for your, 100% effective way to prevent such a terrible disease. Primarily traditional healers recommend not to panic and relax internally. At the first sign of the beginning of the stroke to occupy a reclining position and not move – so the risk of increasing the damage of blood vessels significantly reduced.

Further nice to have an ordinary medical syringe (in the absence of that ideal and an ordinary needle or pin). And follow step by step instructions (of course, doing this should not hurt):

Hold the corner over a fire to sterilize or wipe with alcohol (and a Cologne, perfume or eau de toilette).

To make needle punctures in all of the fingers in turn: select the beams and place a couple of millimeters from the nail.

The perforations should be of such depth to have at least a drop of blood.

If blood does not appear, it is permissible to compress precolonial until at least 2 drops.

After fingers began to bleed, wait a few minutes. Usually this time is enough man regained consciousness.

If the person’s mouth twisted, it along the way to vigorously RUB his ears. If no effect you can double-pierced earlobes and squeeze a couple of drops of blood.

Beneficial effects inhalation of sandalwood oil or essential oil of patchouli.

When the patient regains consciousness and pathological symptoms disappear, you can transport it to the hospital. But without unnecessary movements, only in the supine position and without any shaking.

Chinese doctors focus on the fact that if you do not do phlebotomy and instantly take a patient to hospital, the situation can aggravate. And instead of the expected “real” emergency, can cause the spread of the stroke to other areas, and even death.

And the recovery period (end of acute phase) after the disease Chinese healers associated exclusively with physical exercise, acupuncture, regular exercise and of course do not forget about homeopathy treatment. The fruits of the Sophora, horse chestnut, walnut, hawthorn, dog-rose, motherwort herb, and horsetail perfectly treat damaged areas of the brain, and normalize the flow of blood.