How to help a stroke: tips Chinese medicine
Stroke: tips Chinese medicine How to reduce the effects When a stroke occurs, the capillaries in the brain burst and is bleeding. Happen not only local (small) but also extensive…

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Treatment of folk remedies can cause harm to the body?
As I understand it,the question of whether to harm MEDICINAL folk remedies that offer not doctors,and people who engage in treatment without medical education ?If so,then first understand what it…

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SPA treatments in Vietnam

What each of us known Vietnam? We know something about him from the news, something seen in the movies, something I read somewhere… However, not everyone knows that in Vietnam you can take a course unique SPA treatments. In our country, these courses can be found only in the most elite salons of luxury . But SPA treatments in Vietnam available to anyone who visited this amazing country.

The nature of this country has about four thousand medicinal plants, among which many are rare. In numerous stores and shops of the country are sold medicinal plants, raw materials and medicines. Therapeutic agents based on the venoms of various snake species is recognized as one of the most effective methods in the treatment of many serious diseases: disorder of the reproductive function in men; reduce muscle, joint and vascular diseases.

The skillful use of all the techniques of Vietnamese medicine – acupuncture, acupuncture, tinctures, made from snakes, birds ‘ nests, marine life and rare herbs can work wonders.

SPA treatments in Vietnam – the best way to relax

The concept of anti-stress SPA treatments in Vietnam made up of 3 harmonically of acetawminophen:

energy extracts of Asian plants;

Eastern massage techniques using elements of shiatsu;

refreshing-invigorating fragrance — mood wellness.

In massage “Qi” is vital energy, which flows through the body and controls our protective mechanisms of the body. Only the balance of body and soul makes true beauty. The effect on the whole body with deep relaxation with the products of the company “Shiseido” makes possible the free flow of energy Qi.

Aromatherapy is another important kind of SPA in Vietnam. Specially for each client is chosen a complex aromatic funds. They are prepared immediately before use and give you an indescribable pleasure, as well as easier breathing, relieve headaches and stress. The combination of rare herbs, potions made of exotic flowers, and tinctures of inhabitants of the sea do SPA treatments in Vietnam unusual and very healthy.

Such popular forms of alternative medicine like acupuncture, reflexology, acupuncture became a part of our life. If anyone does not believe in the effectiveness of these procedures, then visiting the SPA treatments in Vietnam . forever convinced that the longstanding experience of the ancestors and age-old beauty recipes and health used here, have a refreshing effect on the whole body.