"Holy healers"
From the series of informal educational talks "Heavenly citizens of the earthly Fatherland" For our contemporaries the most burning and pressing issues are health, disease, transition from nazdrovia to healing.…

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The history of the use of medicinal herbs
With the appearance of writing data on the healing properties of plants began to write, which significantly expanded their application in practical purposes. Quite herbal treatment is widely used in…

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Assessment of prospects for cultivation of medicinal plants.

Despite the fact that agricultural cultivation of medicinal herbs has more than a half century history, among supporters gathering wild herbs and agricultural supporters of this method of cultivation does not subside a heated discussion about which one is better. This dispute led to the need for special tests of different types of medicinal raw materials, resulting in the conclusion was made about the absence of any differences in their quality, i.e. the content in the chemical composition of the respective active substances. (F. Old, V. Jirasek, 1991).

The demand for medicinal raw materials today are not satisfied neither in Ukraine nor in the CIS countries or in the countries of Western Europe. In our opinion, this is the niche into which we can fit, and which can help agriculture Ukraine to survive during the crisis.

Biological features of many medicinal plants are xerophytes and for their cultivation are quite suitable arid conditions of South of Ukraine. Plants that can be grown in drought conditions in the Kherson region include grindelia splayed, zmeegolovnika Moldovan, common hyssop, yarrow, sage, wormwood Taurian, immortelle sandy and italianskiy etc.

In the Kherson region medicinal plants engaged in the experimental farm of the State Nikitsky Botanical garden “Nova Kakhovka”, which gets the profit from the sale of raw materials of medicinal plants. On the example of LLC “Tsyurupinskoe” Tsyurupinskoe area we will show the efficiency

The farm is located in the Kherson region characterized by a dry and hot climate.

The average amount of precipitation is not exceeds 350 – 400 mm. due to the low number of Kherson region belongs to the zone of risky agriculture.

The soil on the farm poor, sandy, slightly homoserine.

In these conditions, can be grown medicinal plants such as wormwood Taurian, common hyssop, Helichrysum Italian. Especially because it grows in the wild wormwood and a relative of Italian Helichrysum – immortelle. Let us consider briefly the characteristics of these plants.

Wormwood Taurian

Wormwood (Artemisia) – an extensive genus of plants of the family Compositae (Asteraceae) – Compositae (Astcraceae),

Artemisia Taurica, or Crimea,- Artemisia taurica Willd is a herbaceous shrub.

As raw material is used in Artemisia dried aerial mass.

Used in the manufacture of cardiac medicines, essential oil in aromatherapy.

Table 1. Economic efficiency of cultivation of wormwood Taurian CJSC AF “Tsyurupinskoe” Kherson region