Physical therapy in St. Petersburg
Physiotherapy treatment at our clinic takes place with a personal touch Physical therapy – treatment using different types of physical effects – there are from ancient times. Rubbing the sore…

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Abdominal decompression Abdominal decompression-lowering of the external pressure generated in the abdomen,which is placed in thermocamera local actions is provided at the entrance sealing device and a device for pumping…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants

The demand for medicinal raw materials is constantly increasing. This cannot fail to affect the stocks of the plants represented in the composition of natural flora.

The disappearance of some valuable wild plants also contribute to intense economic activity, air pollution, degradation of soil etc.

In this regard, there is a growing need of artificial cultivation of medicinal plants in culture. They are used fresh and do not pass through the trading network, where their healing properties are reduced. However, the high demand it is advisable to grow plants on large areas.

Medicinal plants generally prefer well-lit open spaces at neutral or slightly alkaline soils. Every plant has features in agricultural practices, therefore laying the vegetable garden it is advisable to begin with small quantities of the most easily cultivated species, gradually expanding the size and range. To save the aroma of drying plants with roots and store in tightly closed containers. Poorly dried commodity mould, it is therefore necessary to equip the place for drying. It is better to dry on a mesh struts in well-ventilated areas at a temperature of 30-40 °C. The usable area on the racks for drying grass to 1 m 2 must be 1/3 m 2 .

Poyavleniyaetoy pests when they are collected and burned. Fertilizers are used as vegetable plants, giving preference to organic. In autumn it is advisable to use prosvetlennye composts from two years ago. It should be remembered that when grown in the same location of plants of one family obitnytsya soil, spread pests and diseases.

Some experience in cultivation of medicinal plants is available on a Republican station of young naturalists. Six months before sowing manure rate of 5-7 kg/m2. before sowing mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (80-100 g/m 2 ). In addition, add clay and peat. The plants three times a year fed, once in the spring (in the snow), the second in 10 days after the first, the third before flowering. Some species of medicinal plants form the phytomass, far exceeding the reserves in natural conditions, which facilitates their harvesting and allows you to save valuable wild plants.