Alternative medicine
Is it right to classify osteopathy complementary and alternative medicine . Not quite. This direction arose in the nineteenth century, while in Russia, indeed, was officially recognized only in 2003.…

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Phytotherapy - recipes of traditional medicine
Recipes and healthy lifestyle Today herbal medicine . the use of nutraceuticals and parapharmaceutics received a new impetus in the development. There are many new research institutes in bioengineering, working…

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Properties of fennel Seeds

How often are you on the way there are large fragrant umbrellas that sway gently on its smooth stems? And what a wonderful smell they spread, bringing us scents of childhood. You’ve already guessed, we will talk about the usual dill.

Dill is an annual spicy herb that is used in cooking as a spice and in medicine as a drug. However, today we will talk not about the greens and the stalks of this useful plant, and its seeds are in the soil can remain viable for a long time.

Especially great popularity of this spice have made in the kitchens of our hostesses during the season conserves. At salting and pickling tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and mixed vegetables decided to add dill umbrellas with seeds, which in turn give products all its spicy flavor and outstanding aroma. The calorie content of fennel seeds is $ 305 calories per 100 grams.

By the way, in order to give the necessary dish a spicy taste, add the spices along with other ingredients that you put at the beginning of cooking or sautéing. For better extraction of the essential oil, experienced cooks recommend before laying to dry the seeds in a hot pan.

Boleznennostew fennel seeds are distributed not only on cooking but also medicine and cosmetology.

Benefits of fennel seeds

Traditional medicine has been applied to this plant, and it is safe to say that the use of fennel seeds is evident in inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and to stimulate appetite in people who are recovering from an illness. It is also believed that the extracts of seeds of this plant perfectly are struggling with insomnia.

Fennel seeds, pounded into a powder useful for gastritis with low acidity, diseases of the liver and gallbladder. This powder is used in folk medicine as a mild laxative and cholagogue.

Use of fennel seeds is also in the ability to deal with flatulence in infants (so-called colic) using a tool called “dill water”.

The harm of fennel seeds

The use of fennel seeds is contraindicated for people with low pressure, since they can cause weakness, blurred vision, and sometimes fainting. Harm fennel seeds can also interfere with individual intolerance components that are part of this plant.

Essential oil composition of fennel can cause allergies in people with very sensitive skin, so be careful and check with your doctor before using this plant.

The calorie content of fennel Seeds 305 kcal.

The energy value of the product fennel Seeds (Ratio of proteins, fats, carbs):