Alternative medicine
Is it right to classify osteopathy complementary and alternative medicine . Not quite. This direction arose in the nineteenth century, while in Russia, indeed, was officially recognized only in 2003.…

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Zootherapy, or how we treat animals
Pets give us love and affection, cheer up, help to become kinder and even make you smile. Those animals that live in our homes, apartments or in a specially equipped…

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Growing seedlings of medicinal plants

Since the end of January begins the busy season gardeners – growing seedlings. Celery, leeks, peppers and, of course, tomatoes. But what about medicinal cultures? It is no secret that on the windowsill the place is well very limited its not even enough for your favorite eggplant. And then there’s some medicinal plants. Let’s try to decide in which cases it is necessary to leave some room on the window sill, and which is not necessary.


Codonopsis klimatyzowany

The principles of “burying” seeds in the soil are the same as when planting directly in the soil: the smaller the seeds, the closer to the surface they sow. Centaury and Melissa can never be closed up in the soil, and cover the pot with glass or plastic film until germination. Only in this case it is necessary not to forget them at least once a day to ventilate. In the light of their seeds germinate faster and friendlier. Biologists call this feature the sensitivity.

For most vegetable crops, except, perhaps, cucumbers and melons, need picks. For medicinal plants it is not desirable for everyone.Better to do without this procedure, the skullcap, horecava, codonopsis and all legumes (kopeechnik, harrow). They need to sow a few seeds in a separate container and leave for 1-2 the strongest plants, and when planting only to handle, taking care not to damage com.

The care of plants, both vegetable and ornamental. Suitable fertilizer for seedlings, bought at the local garden center.

Transplanting is on a pre-prepared place, dressed with mineral and organic fertilizers, starting from the end of may. But the most heat-loving plants can be planted to liberty only when the danger of spring frosts. In terms of the region is June 5-7.

And so far planted seedlings, you decide.